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Interlocking Screw

The intermedullar (IM) nail and interlocking screw system is designed to be used without electricity or x-ray imaging in the operating room. The system consists of stainless steel nails which are placed down the middle of the bones with screws that are placed through the bone and nail to stabilize the fracture.

This method allows patients to walk using crutches the day after surgery and be discharged usually three days after surgery. The same instruments and implants of different sizes are used to treat fractures of the femur, tibia, and humerus. Results are recorded on an online database to ensure the proper technique is being followed and to learn more about fracture healing.

The IM nail and interlocking screw system's cost effectiveness is reflected in less disability after the fracture, ability to return sooner to work, and more efficient utilization of hospital beds. The IM nail interlocking screw technique is globally recognized as the preferred treatment for long bone fractures. This system makes it possible for surgeons to use this treatment on patients who couldn’t afford it otherwise. Total cost is less than other systems of equivalent quality.