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Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation (PFNA) is an intramedullary implant for the treatment of unstable trochanteric femoral fractures, with the additional option of augmentation. PFNA represents a unique intramedullary nail system for improved management, particularly in the elderly. PFNA is an excellent device for osteosynthesis as it can be easily inserted, it provides angular and rotational stability and allows early weight bearing on the affected limb.
PFNA Nail Specification
The PFNA Nail has a medial-lateral angle of 6o. This allows insertion at the tip of the greater trochanter.
The PFNA Nail is available in 4 sizes
  • Small, length 180 mm
  • Small, length 200 mm
  • Medium, length 240 mm
  • Large, length 300-420 mm
Inserting the PFNA blade compacts the cancellous bone providing additional anchoring, which is especially important in osteoporotic bone.
Increased stability caused by bone compaction around the PFNA blade has been biomechanically proven to retard rotation and varus collapse. Biomechanical tests have demonstrated that the PFNA blade had a significantly higher cut-out resistance in comparison with commonly-used screw systems.

All surgical steps required to insert the PFNA blade are performed through lateral incision. The PFNA blade is automatically locked to prevent rotation of the blade and femoral head.